Lets be honest. Any country that you travel to and find out that the kids are not safe there, what is the first thing you try to do?

You get your kids out of there. Because that is not a place where you want your kids to grow and be worried about their safety. That is an existential fear that no kid should have to bear when growing up. And all the countries where people feel their kids are unsafe, are always the ones that are low on the innovation scale. It always comes back to the economy and GDP – how much people are earning and whether that is enough for them to live a decent life.

If most people in a country are living paycheck to paycheck or on or below the poverty line, that will ruin a country. Because not having enough money drives people to make extreme decisions and not think of the long term consequences of what they are doing right now. Now, most people would try to categorize us as someone that is trying to put all the blame on the economy and not holding the individuals accountable.

We’re far from it. In fact, we advocate for personal accountability because everyone knows what they are doing whether they like to admit it or not.