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Fireworks Are Not Child’s Play

Summer memories often include lighting sparklers and watching fireworks during 4th of July celebrations, however, hundreds of children are injured from fireworks each summer. 

Fireworks can cause serious burn and eye injuries. In 2009, 3,300 children ages 0-14 were injured from fireworks. Of these injuries, 70% occurred in the weeks surrounding July 4th.

The safest choice to leave is to leave fireworks to be used by professionals. 

  • Children should never play with or light fireworks or sparklers.
  • Adults who use fireworks should not use them around children.

How much do you know about fireworks safety? Take the Safe Kids firework safety quiz: http://www.safekids.org/safety-basics/safety-spotlight/fireworks-safety/fireworks-safety-quiz.html

Safe Kids New Jersey wishes all parents and children a safe 4th of July!